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5 Top Tips for Growing Your Hairdressing Social Channels

Growing your social channels with these simple steps is easy! Social media has billions of users around the world and has advanced from being the place where you share photos of your brunch or cute pictures of your cat. With a little know-how, it’s the ultimate marketing tool for your hair creations – the perfect way to get your beautiful work out there for those millions of prospective customers to see a way to create great relationships with current clients. 

Getting personal is the best way to build a community online. You need to let your personality shine and get bold with it because the aim is to generate genuine relationships with your followers. These followers hold the potential to either become new customers or turn into your regulars.

Creative expression is key when representing yourself and what you do. Developing your platform to embody not only your creativity but educate and motivate your clients is an effective social strategy.

Whether you’re new to social media or you’re growing your social channels, we know it might seem a bit daunting these days. Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Now, let’s run through the basic steps you need to transform into a socially savvy star!

Where to start?

Firstly, when it comes to social marketing in the hair industry, Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly great platforms. Both are based on visuals, versatile, and encourage ridiculously huge numbers of users, eager for new things to see. More importantly, they’re the most personal when it comes to building genuine connections between you and your potential clients.

To start you will want a Business page for both channels – these profiles are built specifically to assist people to manage their company’s social media activity.

This simple change means you gain access to useful tools that help you see how you’re doing while growing your social channels:

• Who you’re reaching. Breaking down who’s paying attention to your updates.
• How much you’re growing. How many new followers are you gaining each week?
• What types of posts are working for your audience? And what’s not.


Creating a strong brand identity for your salon is especially important for a platform like Instagram, which is focused on the visual aspects.

Being consistent with your filters and lighting will go a long way to building a solid, recognisable aesthetic for your work.
But focusing solely on salon images won’t work because hairdressing is a notoriously crowded industry. Effectively representing your brand with a variety of content will set you apart from the rest.

The best way to achieve this is to construct a feed that shows off your great hair skills and services but also tells a story that works to motivate and educate your clients.

Ultimately, investing in great images is a must in this artistic and style-driven industry.

Set your objectives

Before you really get going, it’s a good idea to give yourself direction using our free content planner. We know you’re busy so spending time and getting no results is not an option.

You need to think: what do you actually want your socials to do?

This isn’t as scary as it sounds because working in a salon, you’ve probably got a good idea of what you want to happen already. It’s just about reminding yourself of that in the long run.

For example, with each post, you might be thinking about whether it’ll help you…

  • Drive awareness for your salon/work
  • Attract new customers by developing a good word-of-mouth reputation
  • Inspire more loyalty with your existing clients and build a community

Promoting Yourself

Building a community takes time so don’t panic if you haven’t got hundreds of engaged followers after a week of posting. Start with updating your followers as frequently as possible. Keeping consistent with your posts is a sure way to keep your clients engaged. Using a new technique? Let them know. Trying out an exciting product? Let them know. Received an outstanding review? You guessed it. LET THEM KNOW

Building Engagement

Engaging with people means promoting conversation, and that’s absolutely key to making social media work for you. Make sure you’re not just begging for likes and shares – ask what they think.

What would they like to see? Do they like certain styles as much as you? Thoughts on new trends? Real communication is a two-way street.

However, there’s no need to think too hard about it – We can do the thinking for you. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends is difficult when you don’t know where to look. CrozNest keeps you informed by showing a birds-eye view across hair and fashion. This will ensure your content is contemporary and on-trend.

Mix it up

Next, you have to keep your content interesting. Users don’t want to see the same balayage, skin fade, or bouncy blow-dry over and over. Content elevation is the key to success for social strategy. Advertising your amazing hair creations is great, but you need to mix it up. Having a varied range of content will ensure clients stay excited about what they see from you.

This is where we come in. We have cracked the code on the best formula to build gorgeous content that will engage your clients.

Victory Package
Curated Content

Three layers of content

INSPIRE – Represent your creativity in this layer of content. Promote your work and show how you translate your love for hair into expertise and skills.

EDUCATE – This is the informative content that adds value for the clients following you. Post tutorials, tricks, and tips or a simple question and answer section.

MOTIVATE – Motivational content is more than just filler content. Post quotes trends and looks you love to show the fun and genuine side of your brand. We can help you build this content. CrozNest is the perfect partner to nurture your output. We specialise in curated content packages that include stock imagery expertly curated and edited specifically for hair salons and stylists.

We will send you eye-catching, topical, and inspiring imagery complete with engaging captions and hashtags to help with growing your social channels and boost your following and unlock your grid’s full potential.

The secret to attracting and retaining clients through your social feed is having a grid that not only shows off your great hair skills and services but also tells a story that works to motivate and educate your clients. Take a look at the content packs here. Take these simple steps to help you begin your impactful social journey!

Keep up to date

Finally, do you want to learn more and stay in the loop of hair and fashion updates? Follow our social media for constant updates and have a read through our expertly curated Trend Reports. CrozNest goes live on Instagram every week with industry professionals to keep you up to date with this fast-paced industry.


Make sure to follow our Instagram page @croznestuk for the latest announcements – we can’t wait for you to join our crew.

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