You need to elevate your digital marketing!

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 Elevate your digital marketing with these simple steps!

Of course, clients love seeing a feed full of beautiful waves and colour transformations. But with increasing competition and the need to stay ahead of the game, elevate your digital marketing is the best way to boost engagement.


If you’re struggling to post during lockdown but want to boost your digital presence, we’ve got you. At CrozNest we provide affordable curated content packs, so you don’t have to. Adaptable to your needs, we offer a range of packs with fully edited images and animations, captions, and hashtags specifically designed to stimulate audience reach and take your page to the next level. The content we provide is ensured to make your Instagram grid exciting and unique, keeping current clients intrigued and potential clients excited by your distinctive and inspiring posts.

With a temporary pause on our industry, it’s the best time to build your behind-the-scenes business, elevating your social platforms to their full potential, ready for reopening. Digital marketing has become a key element for business success. Our packs will drive traffic to your page through specific words and relevant phrases and hashtags. SEO to optimise your platform on search engines is crucial for your brand’s growth.

First things first

The first step to your digital reinvention is switching your account to a business account. This feature allows you to add contact buttons, get analytics and your business will look overall more professional. Also, link and promote your pages through one another and ensure each page has clear accessibility and direction to your website. Once you’ve established your professional presence, let your audience see your softer side. Show them who you are as a stylist or salon and what makes you matchless. Before you really get going, it’s a good idea to give yourself direction using our free content planner. We know you’re busy so spending time and getting no results is not an option.

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Consistency is key

It’s sometimes hard to always remember to take pics of your incredible work, and with salon, doors shut there’s no opportunity to generate new content. But your audience doesn’t always just want to see hair. Our curated images will break up your feed, inspiring clients from a new perspective. The pressure to keep consistent can often feel like a second job and it’s easier said than done. Frequent posting and staying active on your page will boost your engagement through the algorithms. But you don’t need to feel stressed out if you’ve run out of content showcasing your work. It’s refreshing for your followers to see diverse content and allows you to connect in other means. Especially in the strange times, we are all going through, enthuse your clients and be completely authentic.


Croznest elevate your digital channels
Croznest elevate your digital channels

Be connected

Don’t always see others as competition. This industry is full of word-of-mouth marketing. Your network is your net worth. Reply to all your comments, take 10 minutes a day to follow and engage with other hair accounts, get your name noticed. Collaborate with other creatives in similar fields, through competitions, online workshops, or shoutouts and bring their following to your account. Implementing authenticity throughout your pages has never been so important, and it can all be done digitally. Hold a LIVE, give clients lockdown hair, promote and explain your favourite products and offer online workshops and conversations.

Expand your content

Bridging the gap behind hair and fashion. The fashion catwalks directly impact hair trends that are quick to trickle down into mainstream culture. With a birds-eye view, we spot trends right from the beginning so stylists can be foreword thinking. Our images allow you to alert clients with influential styles, inspired by fashion and social cultures. Hairdressing is not only a practical job; clients want to connect with their stylists and aren’t just seeking examples of before and after work.

Be inspiring, relatable, and informative. Our team always has a finger on the pulse ready to spot the latest fashion and trends, we will help educate both you and your following.

Ask yourself, what is the reason clients would follow and engage with my digital marketing? Put yourself in the client’s shoes, what makes your page exciting and extraordinary? Inspire, Educate & Motivate your clients with your amazing content!

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Words by Izzy Fletcher