City Scape

Fashion News Report SS/2021. Firstly, as the fashion world relaxes into slower fashion seasons and minimalist dressing, stylish separates and paired-back tailoring is the go-to for city-dressing. These were seen predominantly at London Fashion Week. Think lightweight fabrics such as linen coupled with comfortable sport-inspired basics.

Stick to neutral tones for heightened versatility.

Key Brands: Victoria Beckham, Eudon Choi, Margaret Howell, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Giambattista Vali

commuter chic

Future Traveller

Next, consumers are now redefining their idea of luxury, with functionality playing a larger role in their purchase decision than ever before. At Kenzo and Sunnei, elements such as multi-pocketed jackets and compartmented bags with larger bags hidden inside dominated. Pairing these with cocooning outerwear shapes combined futuristic fantasy and functional reality. Larger than life bags were some of the most relatable and realistic of the trends and fashion showcased. As our life evolves, so must our fashion.

Sustainable fashion

Eco Warrior

Among other things, the global pandemic has — by necessity — ushered in a new era of ‘phygital’ fashion shows. A long-time pioneer of sustainable fashion is Stella McCartney. Stella doubled down on her commitment to transparency by unveiling a detailed Eco-Impact Report ahead of her SS21 show. Meanwhile, Balenciaga says it’s using nearly 100 per cent sustainable materials. ​​

Good products are no longer enough to win a consumer’s favour. Shoppers want more than just quality, often looking for products and brands that align with their personal values. Essentially, greenwashing is no longer enough. 

Barely There

Then there is the ‘Undress’ movement. Exaggerated curves. A sharp, more radical sensuality. The right to wear cleavage. On the runways, the trend comes into its own through a play on exposed lingerie that simultaneously advocates luxurious seduction and a desire to reveal the unknown.

Holiday Escapism

Finally, a general mood of escapism swept through Fashion Week. Designers used both fashion and set to whisk their audience away to far-flung locations. With travel restrictions forcing consumers to stay home, ‘Fantasy Resort’ prevailed, exploring a surreal twist to traditional vacation wear.

Overall, explosions of colour, print and texture spearhead this fantastical aesthetic and give us serious FOMO.

​In particular, the standout moment came from Versace and the creation of an underwater world of Versacepolis. This was a utopian settlement on the seabed ruled by Medusa with principles of empowerment, strength and beauty.

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