Wonder Woman Hair Care

“We are CrozNest of Clerkenwell, prodigies of Master Crozier, Kings and Queens of London. In the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this uncontrollable hair is over.”

Whether you have a pixie do, French bob, lob, a mid length mane or waterfall locks it can be a freakin’ nightmare to maintain hair every day. It’s not uncommon to sleep on your face and wake up with some cave man hair that not even a pony tail or bobby pins can save.  Yes, it’s happened to at least one of us a fair few times. We know sleeping on silk sheets can help with frizz and that a healthy/ balanced diet will aid hair into blissfulness, bla, bla, bla. BUT our nest of hair gods have some epic advice for y’all that will save you from having those moments when you just question if shaving the lot off would be easier. So shall we begin…

Washing it every day is a no no and if you insist on doing so, at least give it a break with a spritz of dry shampoo but when you do wash it start with the best. We LOVE Sacha Juan’s Moisturising Shampoo and conditioner – especially during the sunny months. Regardless if you’ve got coloured hair or not – these bad boys will keep your tresses super hydrated and silky soft. It’s easier to style when it’s nourished and healthy! A cool rinse at the end and you’ve got some powerful shine.

Whether it’s from the summer rays or styling tools ALWAYS protect your hair. We’re always spritzing our hair after a good wash with this nifty little product from GHD. Create some epic loose waves by wrapping thick pieces of hair around a curling iron and then brush out and give it a shake. Great on damp and dry hair FYI…

Hair oil can sometimes add some weight if used too much, but get it just right – you are in for a treat. We always using FUDGE bits and bobs but this sweet bit of kit does wonders and can give you an easier ride when styling hair. Sometimes you don’t even need to do anything after using this. So get some oil onto your hair and let the good times roll.

Wonder women of the world fear not as we have provided you with some secret weapons that will transform your tresses. All of these products are wonderful on short, long, thick and fine hair so it’s fool proof barnet watchers, no messy or craziness here. Keep your eyes peeled for some top tips from the Croznest crew to keep your barnet ‘Wonder Woman’ ready without all the fuss and drama. Ciao for now.