What’s the buzz with buzzcuts?

What’s the Buzz with Buzzcuts?

What’s the buzz with buzzcuts? How and why buzzcuts have become the haircut of the year. A daring style that is empowering women and making a statement.

Feel Liberated

What’s the buzz with buzzcuts? In an effort to get rid of old energy and take the reins, shaving it all off has proven to be the best way to start new and feel liberated. There’s never been a better time to scrap damaged hair, awkward lengths and have fun with it. Unsurprisingly our industry has found a multitude of ways to get creative, even with little hair to play with. The ballsy buzzcut is the newfound style of empowerment, embracing genderless beauty.
What was once an old-fashion notion that buzzcuts only suit men has been scrapped. Androgynous fashion is taking over. Females are continuing to bridge the gender gap, switching it up and embracing a fearless style. Over the past few years, at CrozNest we’ve spotted the buzzcut on the catwalk more and more. Fendi, Cara Delavigne and Halsey are a couple of the most iconic celebrities to champion the fashion statement of a shaven head. Hairdressers are utilising their creative flair, and implementing a range of cut and colour techniques, presenting some unique designs. Undoubtedly a flamboyant haircut, we also love the underpinning political themes of this hairstyle.

Best served with confidence

As a sense of control has been pulled from under us, taking the plunge and cutting it all off has proven the most empowering means to take back control and make a statement. Long locks once served women as a safety blanket, embodying femineity and glamour. But the impact of the buzzcut proves girl power is best served with confidence. The shaven head is making women feel strong and sexy, where the face is completely exposed, and natural beauty is celebrated.

Not your typical buzzcut

Finally, talented hairdressers have channelled their creativity, showing us how art and individuality can be met with hair trend. Alfred Charles Vincent, a stylist at Bleach London is bossing bright and radial buzzcuts. His recent work focuses on using dye to create designs of animal print, flames and buzzwords that support political and social affairs. Janine Ker is another stylist who’s buzzcuts have always caught our attention at CrozNest. Her signature style is one step ahead, showing off an amazing talent of hand-painted designs using vibrant and neon colours and cutting geometric and floral patterns into her work. At CrozNest we are confident that androgynous fashion and obsession with empowerment is not a fad. The hunger to feel liberated is ongoing and creative industries are continuing to use their skills to raise awareness on androgynous and empowering styles, redefining beauty.
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Words by Isobel Fletcher