Get to know the current trending shades for the season

Let’s talk about what specific shades are currently trending right now for this season…

We all know copper is having its moment but let’s delve deeper into the current trending shades of each colour. Is Balayage blonde still the in thing? How can Brunettes spice things up slightly?

We teamed up with Colour Kristina for our latest project who has figured it all out so you don’t have to! Be one step ahead and inspire your clients to go for the hottest shade on their next trip to the salon.


Starting with blondes, we’re seeing solid raw blondes vibing. Warmer and neutral tones are great temporary changes for clients who are looking to mix it up. Think: champagne, natural wheat tones, creamy vanilla.

croznest curated content shades of blonde
croznest curated content – shades of blonde




And Brunettes…. what can we offer for them? Can brunettes have all the fun?

Think food. Lush shiny Chocolate browns – throwing a hint of violet. Or a coffee bean brown – dark with no hints of red. Or, for some red, a Cherry Mahogany – warm cool red tones suitable for darker brunettes.

croznest curated content - brunette shades
croznest curated content – brunette shades



Our new pack in collaboration with Kristina Russell, aka Colour Kristina helps you to sell your colour services. Follow Kristina – colour specialist and hair educator – on her Instagram here for all things colour trend related – such as these current trending shades for the AW22 season!

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