How To: Train Track Braids

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Deep and dark roots? Tonal hair colour? Perfect! These train tracks are just braiding heaven. This hair do is practical and can last you days. By having hair that is all different hues and not even is just what you need to really top of bold braids. If you’re un-sure about topping up that colour sling ‘em back into train track braids and ponder.

Tip number one – if you don’t have different coloured hairs then apply some hair paint or chalk either on the roots or all over.

Tip number two – don’t keep the braids too tight but make sure you’ve prepped your tresses properly e.g. apply some fly away buster before braiding.

Tip number three – braid the hair slightly off centre to give a more symmetrical look. This really intensifies the colour too!

Tip number four – keep an eye on our Instagram for more super awesome barnets.

Hair and photo created by the captain of the north, the wonderful Josh Goodwin of course – @joshgoodwinhair

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words by Yasmin Graham