Top three luxury colour updates

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 ‘‘New hair, new me’’ is the motto for post lockdown as change is needed and I’m sure you can totally relate.  After months of Zoom meetings staring at outgrown grey roots, your hair will need an update.  We take a look at our top three luxury colour updates for maximum indulgence. You could go for a creamy blond balayage or go all out with a sweet blend of pink? But this year brings some really exciting and sumptuous colours that you need to look out for.

With the COVID-19 disruption we can all agree that things haven’t been going to plan with hair salons being closed, hairstylist not being able to work with their clients amongst many other things, but we need to keep positive regardless of this situation.  Go for a new colour that will dial up your dazzle! Here are our top three favs.

Chocolate Truffle

chocolate truffle

Not wanting to go overboard? Then go for one of the sexiest of 2020. The fusion of brown consisting of a lighter and a darker tone combined together. Guy Tang, the inventor of #mydentity, labels it “Chocolate Truffle”. “This works perfectly on Priyanka because the chocolate pieces around her face and throughout her mids and ends complement her warmer skin tone while the truffle base enhances her deeper, cooler eye colour”, says Tang. To enrich the look we recommend you use the backcomb highlight technique. It’s basically a method that makes roots look darker while outshining lighter colours around the face. Matrix hairstylist George Papanikolas uses this technique on celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Madonna. He says, “The tones are diffused together to make more of a subtle transition rather than a harsh contrast”.

Platinum Blonde

The first of our Top three luxury colour updates. As the summer soon approaches you may want to consider going for an ice-cool platinum blonde… this will keep you cool in the summer sun, get it? Hairstylist for Nine Zero One Salon Anthony Holguin says, “When going platinum, be sure to go to someone who specializes in this since it’s difficult to achieve this look.” We know how important it is to take care of your hair when going for lighter colours so we definitely recommend using the Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3, a perfect at-home treatment that reduces breakage and noticeably strengths hair, refining its appearance and feel.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector 100ml £23.40

Cinnamon Brown

cinnamon brown

Remember when bloodstone shade was a thing back in 2019?  It seems like the colour has moved on to cinnamon brown which is now considered to be in high demand. This is the perfect colour for someone who doesn’t want to go completely red without getting rid of their brunette colour. Cinnamon brown tampers across red-hot chilly sensation giving off a deeply vibrant and versatile look.

Look at it on the bright side. You can always try refreshing colours at home, that’s if you have the skill to do it! You may not be sat in a salon any time soon but you can still start with planning for fabulous hair. Yes, changing your hair colour can be such a commitment but I’m certain in saying that it’s most definitely a fun way to start a new page.

Written by: Pablo Etienne-Escudero