On the streets Paris Fashion week S/S19

As much as we love effortless hair design and sleek fashion, there’s no denying our ever-growing admiration for hair accessories. They can change the look of any given hairstyle in a matter of a few clips.

Now you might be reading this and wondering why hair accessories? They have recently taken Fashion by storm. Pins, headbands, patterned scarves, accessories of all shapes and sizes have flooded the street style of Paris and high fashion shows like never before. They are being used by an array of designers like Versace, Chanel, Dior and Dolce & Gabanna to accompany the likes of high fashion and beauty.

Hair accessories are a way of changing your hairstyle without having to make a serious commitment like a dye job or a hair cut. They can very quickly give you your desired look. What might have been considered uncool and old has now come back into fashion as cool and new. 

So, dig deep into those cluttered drawers in your bedroom and salvage what you have left of any weird and wonderful hair accessories because they are back and they look better than ever!

Take a look below to check out our selection of mesmerising hair accessories as seen on the streets of Paris fashion week S/S19 that could transform any look!

Words By Marianna Gould

Pictures by Diana Chicaiza