The Ultimate Temporary Hair Colour Products

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Hair Colour Products

Choose your pick! Select from a range of sprays, powders, masks and gels to marinate your hair with temporary hair colour products for the ultimate look. They are simple to use and eventually wash out. Read below for some of our favourites.


L’Oréal Paris Colorista Spray 1-Day Color

L’Oréal Paris treats us with one their top products with its particular formula designed for all hair types and colours. This highly recommended product is available in blue, red, rose gold, gold and hot pink. Shake well before use and play around with your highlights for a vivid look. Make sure to use this spray at a distance of 4-6 inches for greater effect. This 1-day spray is super simple to use and no complicated requirements are involved.  Available for £6.98



London Fashion Week Colorista Spray

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Creme Hair Color

One of the best in the market, ChromaSilk Vivids is know for its vibrant and enduring natural formula fit for all types of hair without creating damage. Research detects that the product works best on lighter colours. Colourist Stephanie Lynn Diaz at Bumble and bumble says, “These are direct dyes or vegetable dyes because there is no chemical action happening, meaning it is not mixed but instead comes ready to apply.” Get creative and choose from their expansive colour collection. These semipermanent colours should be applied on dry hair for the best result. Available for £28.75

Pravana Creme Hair Colour


Manic Panic Cream Tones Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

Manic Panic has been in the game since 1977 holding a positive reputation in offering a wide range of hair colour creams in many different eye-catching colours. Not only do they promise a great formula but this product is also 100% vegan friendly and free from peroxide, parabens, PPD and ammonia. This luscious cream activates softness and hydration for the hair. Why not go for a pastel look for the summer? Lasts up to 6 weeks. Available for £12.99

Manic Panic ColourKate Moss Manic Panic


Blondish Hair Powder Sensational for dark blondes and light brunettes,

Bumble and bumble offers a hair powder that adds volume and brings out the best in retaining excess oil. Utilize it to fade your roots and leave hair with a plush, matte finish. “It does the job for a blonde, I have thin hair and use it when my roots grow out a bit. It’s very effective and smells nice. A must have for blondes.” Hold 10-12 inches from dry hair and spray.  Available for £28


Bumble and Bumble


Temporary Hair Dye Options Get rid of any greys and enrich your hair colour by using a Semi-permanent hair dye. Ideal for a silky and shimmering appearance, doesn’t contain ammonia and no need to mix in with a developer. Lasting 4-12 washes. Avoid toxic substances and go for a Vegetable dye. This is great because of its chemical and animal free strategy. Make sure to check the ingredients properly since some of the organic hair dyes are mixed in with hydrogen peroxide to make the shade more durable. Lasting 8-10 washes. Hair chalk is fantastic because of its opaqueness and it does wonders on all types of hair colours. Damp you hair then divide it into different segments, after that you want to pass the chalk down your strands. Lasting 2-4 washes. Have fun for the day and go for an instant look with a Coloured Hairspray. Lasting 1-2 washes.

Written by: Pablo Etienne-Escudero