The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Gift guide for him

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Him


Finding the perfect gift for men in our lives can be a real head-scratcher. If the dudes in your life are anything like the dudes in ours, they tend to respond with a seemingly-innocent “Oh, me? Nothing.” when you ask for their wishlist. Well thanks for the help, guys. So instead of spending days and days trying to decide what to put on your holiday shopping list, go back to basics — men’s grooming gifts. If they don’t want anything, you might as well get them what they need. Choose something from our expertly curated list below. He will be surprised he didn’t think of asking for any of these himself.



Need something for an eco-warrior? Re-comb have you covered. Designed with a brighter future in mind, all Re-Comb’s products use recycled plastics and actively reduce the excessive waste caused by traditional hair tools. Suitable for all hair types, there is no limit to who could receive a re-comb product this Christmas. We love the modern and fresh colour mixes that will spice up daily hair routines.

Available at Re-Comb for £16

Penhaligon’s Beard Oil 

Next, for those special to us, Penhaligans screams luxury. Why not mix it up and try gifting their silky Beard Oil? Let him give his beard everything it needs with this unique formula. A product designed for the modern gentleman who pays attention to every detail. His dress is impeccable, his manner reserved – and his beard soft and well-hydrated. A fast-absorbing beard oil scented with Sartorial.

Find yours at Penhaligon’s for £72

Juliette Has a Gun – Not a Hair and Body Mist

There’s always one – I don’t want a gift this year. Play to their desires with this tongue-in-cheek product by Juliette Has A Gun. An antioxidant formula targeted to balance pH levels in hair & skin PH to restore the hair shine and bring a luminous skin complexion, we love this dual-purpose hair and body mist for a long-lasting fresh scent. Best of all, it is gender-neutral, so no one is left out.

Available on their site for £50

WAHL Gift Set

Perfect for complete grooming, especially when barbers are a no-go, this gift set has the tools your man need’s to clip, trim and detail. The high-carbon steel precision ground blades stay sharper longer and the ergonomically shaped clipper is comfortable in the palm of their hand. With 10 guide combs and an adjustable taper lever, the clipper allows for a greater variation in cutting lengths.

Available at WAHL for £40

Hayden Cassidy 

A CrozNest favourite and past live guest, Hayden Cassidy knows a thing or two when it comes to men’s hair. The Irish-born barber has exploded onto the scene recently and shows no sign of slowing down, recently opening her first salon space UNIT8. That’s why we are so excited about her professional product range, defined by no-fuss and inclusive products. Why not gift a core product, such as the Volumizing Dust or Salt Spray, and introduce a new staple into their styling routine.

Available on Hayden’s website 

Dappe Comb

Finally, inspired by Japanese design and made from sustainable materials, we give you the Dappe Comb. Dappe comes in several different types of awesome designs and styles you can choose from to find your perfect fit. There are five different colours and two different shapes available and each of the combs come enclosed in a slim leather case that protects the teeth, as well as allowing the comb to be positioned and displayed in the front pocket of any suit. Now that’s a treat! Dappe Comb ‘Model A’ is a curl picker for textured curly hair, while Dappe Comb ‘Model B’ is a dual-sided short toothed comb which is perfect for precision grooming and shorter hairstyles. In other words, there is a Dappe model for any gentlemen this Christmas.

Available at 3rd Diadem from £80


To conclude, this holiday season is going to leave your guy feeling clean and smelling good. We hope you end up with some of these amazing products from our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide under your tree or are able to snag some from your hair-obsessed family or friends! Read our gift guide for her here.

Words by Rhiannon Hudson