Stella McCartney: A Green Collection

Stella McCartney: A Green Collection

The collection is green, and so was the catwalk. 


Stella McCartney is continuing to pioneer sustainability within the fashion industry. This season her organic and vegan garments chose not to walk a catwalk in central London. Instead, McCartney and her team produced a short film unveiling the collection around the gardens of Houghton Hall in Norfolk. In this green space, the green collection was an exuberant display of the brands’ core values for being beautiful and sustainable.

Throughout this collection, Stella highlights the importance of introducing recycled materials into fashion. Stella has shifted her brand to being zero waste, another step to becoming as sustainable as possible. McCartney constantly excites us with new and original ways to be progressively even more sustainable. Other brands must try hard to catch up. It is becoming more and more trendy to champion green retail with pressure on brands to change their ethics. But Stella comments, ethics must come from the core of the company in order for it to be successful. She has spoken many times on the infuriating subject of greenwashing.

The Collection

The models were captured in the epitome of nature wearing experimental silhouettes, chunky flip flops and gold chain Hobo bags. English heritage arose not only in the location but also within the tailoring. Menswear-inspired fitted jackets, blazers, oversized suit trousers and miniskirts, giving the collection an androgynous twist. In a moment of worldwide travel pause, we have lacked experiencing the vibrancy of summer oceans and beautiful destinations. Stella applies coral inspired designs and prints to satisfy what we are yearning to experience again soon.

The A-Z Manifesto

Alongside the captivating collection runs the McCartney A-Z Manifesto. The manifesto enforces 26 considerations that her brand will adhere to going forward, resulting in being ‘the best sustainable fashion house anywhere’. Every letter of the alphabet brought to life with the creativity of 26 selected artists. 


Fashion has undoubtedly moved from being a top-down system where what a designer in Paris said was fashion, was fashion. McCartney says ‘today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders’. Millenniums and Gen Z are shifting fashion to focus on wider issues such as inclusivity, activism and optimism. McCartney is at the forefront of executing a fashion revolution and shows how fashion is not just a money maker but should be met with art, the environment and communities. Stella urges designers not just look at the colour, silhouette and the print, but to have an eye for ethical creativity that will enforce a positive change to people and the planet.

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Words by Isobel Fletcher