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The SS22 Bleach Blonde hair trend continues…

Billie went blonde, the world wanted to go blonde and Kim Kardashian is no exception!


Last year we saw Billie Eilish take her infamous black locks and do a 180 to bleach blonde. With her 93 million+ followers, it certainly made an impact and kick started a major movement.


With this in mind, we predicted it to be a major trend going into this summer, and labelled it one of the main colours in our SS22 trend report.

We have since seen this trend grow and flourish as the season progresses, and with Kim Kardashian taking the bleach blonde plunge and debuting her take on the trend (done by celeb fave stylist Chris Appleton in one – yes one – sitting) at fashion event of the year, the Met Gala we can only expect this trend to continue to grow.


Kim’s inspiration for her Met Gala look was Marilyn Monroe, possibly the most famous bleach blonde throughout blonde history. Marilyn’s colour really made an impact in 50s Hollywood – the colour has dipped in and out of trends throughout then, having another moment in the 90s with rockstars such as Kurt Cobain. With big celebs like Kim and Billie making just as much of an impact in this era, as well as other celebs such as Zoe Kravitz and Gigi Hadid (pictured below), it will be interesting to see how long the trend lasts this time around!


We know it’s a long process, and not for the faint hearted! Get that bleach mixed and prepared for those trend chasing clients because the SS22 bleach blonde hair trend isn’t slowing down!


SS22 Bleach Blonde Hair Trend

SS22 Bleach Blonde Hair

Bleach Blonde Hair


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