Spring Haute Couture 2021 Hair Trends

Hair Trends from The Spring Haute Couture

2021 Shows

Importantly, 2020 gave us buzzcuts and the power pony but what will hair look like this year? With uncertainty towards what 2021 will look like, there’s a lot of hairstyle predictions floating around fashion shows. We are running you through the top hair trends from the 2021 Haute Couture catwalks.


Guido Palau worked with Valentino to deliver quirky cuts and artistic braids. Delivering silky-soft textures to eccentric braid designs, Guido has embraced a range of styles for Valentino. Not every hairstyle at Valentino would follow the theme, but rather matched the natural features of each model. We loved how androgynous hair was incorporated where both the male and female models donned a combination of long silky hair and short choppy styles. Catwalk hair has a reputation to be almost too peculiar, but Valentino used extensions where the ends have been thinned to create naturally long and floaty hair, like that of a salon hairstyle.

Giambattista Valli

Sixteenth-century chic. Giambattista Valli lived up to their reputation feminine collections. This year Odlie Gilbert opted for lots of bows and Marie Antoinette wigs shaped perfectly under veils. At CrozNest we’ve spotted many designers electing bows as the accessory of the year. These looks are giving us some notes of ‘Bridgerton’ the popular Netflix series and we’re loving it!


Forget soft blow drys.  A staple favourite of ours – Drenched wet looks were spotted across a multitude of catwalks recently, however, Sam McKnight pulled it out of the bag, nailing the wet look on the Fendi catwalk. He describes the hair as rain-soaked and bejeweled with Venetian glass accessories.


Chanel stole the show for low ponies. The silky texture hairstyle was paramount to their couture shoes. Opting for a soft and girly hairdo was perfectly fitting to the pastels, followers, and silhouettes used within the garments.


Bold in blue. Francesco Pegoretti worked for Dior’s latest film, deciding blue is the new brunette. A shade that can be noted is a shakeup from the usual colour palette we see on couture catwalks. This hair works effortlessly alongside the soft pastels and statement golds found in the garments.  Furthermore, models donned baroque period-inspired headpieces and updos all with a Tarot World influence.

In conclusion, this Haute Coture season was not lacking in inspiring and wearable hair trends. We look forward to seeing how these looks can be transformed into everyday dos’ in the salon chair.

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Words by Izzy Fletcher