Tips for a Silver Seductor

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Boom? #bts #topknot textured w/ @evohair for @phoenixmaguk #manual starring the beautiful @inthefrow shot by @helenmcardlephoto
Photo credit: Our Captain of the CrozNest Clan @jasoncrozier aka Jason Crozier.

When a precious metal meets hair colour and an effortless style that ties it all together- it’s sheer perfection. We love it – we REALLY love it. We worked recently with the fabulous Hair’ess ‘Victoria in The Frow’ creating loose kinked hair that’s gently wrapped in a semi neat knot just above the crown of the head is ideal for those windy days when loose barnets are too darn impractical. ‘El CrozNest Capitan’ – Jason Crozier has created a lovely lax knot, finished with some antennas to soften the look. Effortless and easy- squeezy – Thanks J, now for some tip top tips:

Tip one: to perfect this barnet keep the colour tonal and the roots dark to create more depth in the hues.

Tip two: spritz some dry shampoo at the root to give this do a bit more oomph and volume. Volumous hair looks fab worn like this.

Tip three: the trick is to have a kink so use fat curlers to create a limp wave and shake it out.

Tip four: the messier the better – refrain from pulling your barnet back and let your hair follicles relax and breathe.

Tip five: prepare for some mega stares and hair envy!


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