Vivienne Johns Endeavour Curated Content Bumper Package


The ‘Endeavour’ Bumper Package for this month is in collaboration with Vivienne Johns, hairdressing’s social media expert. It contains 40 curated images, with 10 of these being animated for your grid, 10 vertical images formatted 9.16, with 40 matching captions and supporting guidelines for creating hashtags, all designed to engage the hairdressing community.


Endeavour Curated Content Package – Bumper Edition – in collaboration with Vivienne Johns

The Endeavour Bumper Package is the middle ground. It contains a mixture of still square images ad animated square images for your grid, as well as 5 animated images of a 9:16 format (designed for video sharing apps). We have carefully selected images from our previous Endeavour pack – that’s in collaboration with salon social media expert Vivienne Johns, and expanded it to a bumper pack. For use all year round!

Simple download the images, copy and paste the captions and see your socials grow!

It contains:

  • 40 1:1 square still images with captions to match
  • 10 1:1 square animated images
  • Guidelines for creating hashtags
  • Extra tips for Instagram posting
  • 5 animated images of a 9:16 format – perfect for video sharing platforms

Endeavour £89

Terms and conditions apply.

About our Curated Content

The secret to attracting and retaining clients through your social media feeds lies within your grid.

Your platforms should showcase your great hair skills while telling a story that works to motivate and educate your audience for optimal results. However, we understand the frustration that comes with this. How can you have time to work hard in the salon while managing your social media accounts? That’s where our products come in.

Saving you time

We at CrozNest believe in taking the hassle out of promoting your salon across social media. So, we provide time-saving content created specifically with you and your business in mind.

What exactly is included?

Our curated content packages contain imagery that’s expertly sourced and edited with exactly you in mind. In other words, you can receive content designed by experts to attract key clients at the click of a button. Yes, it’s as easy as that.

We will send you eye-catching, topical and inspiring imagery, engaging captions and well-researched hashtag advice. This will help boost your following and, therefore, your loyal clientele. Ultimately, our content will help increase your engagement, attract more clients, build your retention and, perhaps most importantly, give you more time to be creative in the salon!

Unlock your grid’s full potential and find time to promote yourself and your business with CrozNest.

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