Leopard Loving

Who doesn’t love leopard? It’s the nations guilty pleasure. We see it everywhere; on trousers, coats, shirts, shoes. So why not embed it within a hair design?

Well, Donatella Versace did exactly this and paired with the likes of legendary hair stylist, Guido Palau, and iconic makeup artist, Pat McGrath, to dream up perhaps one of the most innovative hairstyles of A/W19. This leopard sensation!

Credit: @joaoknorr

The Versace A/W19 Menswear collection saw model Joáo Knorr’s glide down the runway, quite literally head-to-toe in leopard print. He modelled a staple long leopard print coat, along with black and white striped trousers and a layered blue and white printed button-up shirt. This was then matched with a leopard dot dye-job. What a look! Can a hairstyle be any more sleek?

This look went viral and people from all around the world were talking about how legendary it really was! This was complete dedication to a trend and quite literally a work of art! The dye used was nonpermanent where brown and black spray paint was artfully sprayed onto Knorr’s bleached buzz hair to create this ‘sophisticated club-kid look’ Vogue says.

The emergence of leopard and print work has had a remarkable influence on the way hairstylists are now using it within their work. Guido Palau as a perfect example! The trend has been set, so, can we expect to see more print-inspired dye jobs? We most definitely hope so! This look well and truly slayed! 

Donatella Versace writes underneath her Instagram photos ‘The hair-coat match was everything’ and we completely agree.

Credit: @joaoknorr

Words by Marianna Gould