Curl Crush

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There have been 25 years of my life where I’ve been worried to damage my hair straightening it every day (More like 15, since I’m 25, but you know what I mean). Although, I have to admit I did find a couple of good hair straighteners after years of search. Yeah, straighteners can work but there was something inside me that wanted to try curls (again) like in my early teenage years when it was a proclaimed and utter disaster (Am I supposed to share a picture that confirms that? Don’t think so, sorry)

Over the years, many people have said to be jealous of my hair, I always thought it was because they didn’t know what they were talking about. Then, came Bouclème’s Curl Defining Gel, my hair stylist mentioned it and I wanted to give it a try, without getting my hopes up. I looked at the instructions in the bottle for several minutes to ensure I was giving this leap of faith its deserved and proper management. Here I was, wet hair plus product scrunch, avoid touching until is dry. Later, I got the curls I had when I was (almost) a baby: defined, soft, not stiff at all and just… nice. They’re really focused on using all natural ingredients, no chemical nasties. These natural “actives” as they call them, are not at all passive, they’ll profoundly restore moisture and life to your new 0% frizz hair.

Trust me, you can feel Madam Michele Scott-Lynch’s (curl expert and Founder) research from the first moment. She has survived curls herself, so trust her.