Highlights across NYFW AW/20

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As you know, New York Fashion Week is an event that one cannot miss!  Our team had the amazing opportunity of attending the 2020 Autumn/Winter shows in New York.  This year’s presentation came from all angles with classics such as Tom Ford and Jeremy Scott as well as new approaches from the talented Christopher John Rogers.  With so many fabulous creations to take in, we showcase our top 3 highlights across NYFW AW/20.


image sourced Getty Images / edited by Christian Edwards

Oversized Fro!

Wham with the frow! Hairstylist and global artistic director for Amika, Naeemah LaFond goes all out.  The Afro embraced black beauty as models wore Christopher John Roger’s latest exotic collection.  Rogers presented this as his very first runway collection defined as ‘‘pragmatic extravagance’’.  The bright and colourful ensembles wowed us with the sheer baggy silks and the contorted blazer look.  This was the perfect contrast against the oversized Afro look.  Stunning right? LaFond was influenced by the topiary look in addition to ‘‘drama and shape of the clothes. Each model’s hair takes on a different shape’’, says LaFond.

image sourced Getty Images / edited by Christian Edwards

Neon Ponies!

Tresemmé global stylist Justine Marjan goes bright and colourful with the neon rainbow dip-dye ponytails at the Christian Siriano show. This edgy look gives us that nostalgic Harley Quinn vibe reminding us that it’s ok to keep it simple with a touch of rebellion. Not to mention the awesome detail shown with the black heart tattooed on the models to embrace Quinn’s iconic signature look. The youthful look is easy to re-create! Simply use the Tresemmé tres two extra hold gel along with compressed micro-mist level 4 hair spray for that extra firm look.  The best way to create a ponytail is by gathering it all up then adding extra hair for length, colour and all-out drama! Voila! “It’s easier to control that way. Siriano’s collection has loose Harley Quinn ties.  From the front, it’s seen mostly in the makeup, but from the back, she has that pop of colour,’’ says Marjan.

image sourced Getty Images / edited by Christian Edwards

Twisted Braids

Moving on to the inspired 90’s R&B look, hairstylist Jawara Wauchope works on the LaQuan Smith show styling hair twists and bangs. The all-black high-end attire gave us a touch of urban as it perfectly merged in with the fringe bangs, the extended twists and cornrows.  Wauchope used the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer as well as 40-inch hair extensions to give it that extra oomph. Keep tuned for the latest on hair and fashion and more highlights across NYFW AW/20.

Written by Pablo Etienne-Escudero

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