Bring on 2019!

Hair Products for Every Hair Type

As we enter the new year, perhaps rather hungover, not feeling too great about ourselves and reminiscing in what might have been an underwhelming 2018, we want our hair to look and feel its best. To do this we need to know what products suit our hair and work best, but with the current influx of haircare products, this can be hard. So, to give you that head start, we’ve gone through the trouble of putting together a selection of products that have been praised for their results on certain hair types. We want what’s best for your hair!

Take a look below for an insight into some of the best hair products for men and women.


Thin hair demands volume without weight. So, what works best? Powders work wonders! They are a great way of adding some guts and volume to otherwise fine and flat hair. They are regularly referred to as texturizing or mattifying powders and work to amp up the volume and texture of hair. Powders help ‘bulk’ up the hair by ‘increasing friction between hair fibres’, noted by cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller. Essentially, the chemicals in the powders interact to absorb moisture, getting rid of excess oil and in turn, contribute to the volumizing effect.


Thick hair is often lacking in moisture. Therefore, products with ultra-hydrating formulas work best to lock in moisture. A great pomade is always a good option to help moisturise hair and add control and shine. You want your hair to be in its best condition, so products like Sachajuans Moisturizing Collection, that help alleviate any damage, repair brittle strands and tame unruly frizz will work magic!


Afro is the extreme version of curly hair. Curly hair requires moisture, therefore, you need a product that will provide as much moisture as possible. Styling creams and pomades work well to add moisture while providing you with a little more control over your hair shape. Make sure you avoid gels, wax and clays are they are generally too dry for curly hair and can result in a dry, wiry and unwanted texture. This is something you most definitely don’t want heading into the new year.


Women can also indulge in powders to help volumize their hair. But another good way of building volume and texture starts in the shower with a good thickening shampoo and conditioner. Dry Shampoo should also be your best friend – it adds texture, grip and bulk to otherwise slippery, fine hair and can be used throughout the day for a fresh and revived look. But make sure you wash it out within a few days as too much build up can eliminate any volume!


Having thick textured hair allows you to pull off most styles, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need to indulge in some good haircare. In terms of styling, a few drops of styling oil through wet hair, followed by some styling cream, works great. In addition to this, shine sprays work fab! Sometimes the thickness and bulkiness of hair can drag it down and make it appear relatively dull and mundane, by finishing your hair with some shine spray you are adding depth as well as a sprinkle of life.


Tight curls require a careful and dedicated regime. Your routine should always begin in the shower, using a deep conditioner, this can be washed just halfway through as the ‘conditioner residue helps keep curls shiny and smooth.’ This can be followed by a leave-in conditioner combed through the hair. To style curly hair, use a generous amount of styling oil or silicone serum. Creamy products tend to work best for curly hair, rather than sprays. Most importantly, you need to keep your curls moisturised, avoid strong gels and alcohol based serums as they sap moisture, and dry shampoos are a big no no – you need your natural oils!


Wavy hair is notorious for frizz. Therefore, frizz and pouf control are essential. Salt sprays are a good alternative to gels or curl cream as they aren’t as dense and can be applied more evenly. Additional styling oils, combining a mix of oils and silicones, also work well to make your ends look less scraggly. You want to accentuate that wave, not get rid of it!


Coloured hair can be tricky to maintain, so you are best off using luxury haircare products that will nourish your hair as well as reduce colour fade. This might mean saving up your pennies, but it’ll be worth it when you see the keep of your hair colour.

Be sure to look after your locks this new year! 

Words by Marianna Gould