Inspirational Hair Accounts to Elevate Your Feed

Inspirational Hair

Inspirational Hair Accounts to Elevate Your Feed

The hair industry is dominating Instagram right now, and for all the right reasons. Forget the rife beauty guru drama to focus on our positive and nurturing community.

Hair Club Live


The first of eight inspirational hair accounts designed to elevate your feed. HairClubLive has attracted some of the most talented hairdressers in the country to participate in their UK Autumn Tour. They have quickly built a prestigious reputation within the hairdressing community along the way.

Whether its high profile stylists like Ken Picton or up and coming stars like Electric’s Patrick Wilson – HCL has an Instagram feed that you will keep returning to. Get ready for some seriously cool visuals. 

@haircublive Follower Count: 22.5k


Ruth Hunsley


As you would expect, Ruth Hunsley has an Instagram account worthy of your full attention. The Queen of Hairdressing and former Editor of Hairdressers Journal updates us with her best of British. You can regularly see high profile and up-and-coming stylists images being uploaded. As Ruth embarks on a new adventure as director of RedMane Media, we can’t wait to see where she takes her feed.

@ruthhunsley Follower Count: 4.5k





Anti Collective

Anti Feature Image

Have you ever felt like a misfit within the traditional hairdressing scene? Wished for a unique community that uplifts and inspires a new era of creatives? Or do you dare to rebel against the status quo currently dictating our industry? This is what cements the DNA of the Anti-Collective. Anti leads the way forward to challenge defining concepts of beauty and level the playing field. The brainchild of experts Francesco Ruggerino and Nick Irwin, ANTI collective focuses on identity, connection and collaboration. Their feed reflects this focus on diversity and we can’t get enough of the sultry aesthetic. 

@anti.collective Follower Count: 3k



Elevate Hair


Another great account, Elevate brings together the community of hairdressers for inspiration, music, and education. It is an opportunity for the artists of the community to showcase their work, express themselves creatively, and therefore inspire their community. Furthermore, we love the upbeat party appeal of their feed which does not hold back on colour, volume or inspiration. Good for the soul! 

@elevatehair Follower Count: 102k





Mark Bustos


Phillip Lim’s favourite barber (“He does the most wicked fades,” Lim says) Mark spends his weekends cutting homeless people’s hair and documents his selfless journey through his feed. A feel-good favourite that highlights the positive impact hairdressing can have on the world. 


@markbustos Follower Count: 252k



Jen Atkin Hair 


Jen Atkin doesn’t just show you trends, she starts them. You’ll not only get hair inspo from her celeb clients including Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashians, but she also has her line of products (the Quai) to help you achieve the looks yourself. Jen’s feed also documents her jet-set lifestyle that is likely to give you wanderlust. Need more? Why not follow her second account, Mane Addicts, to give you serious style inspo and artist support.

@jenatkinhair Follower Count: 3.4m





Dr Kari Williams


Next, Dr Kari is the creator of Goddess Locs and Mahogany Hair Revolution. Her account is full of amazing ways to rock natural curls and celebrate diversity. Not to mention, she’s worked with celebs like Ava DuVernay and Willow Smith. A feisty female entrepreneur, follow her account for daily motivation and expert hair education.

@drkariwill Follower Count: 62k





Julius Caesar 

Finally, a great place to look for men’s haircut inspiration is Los Angeles-based barber Julius Arriola‘s account. The feed features plenty of images of perfectly messy hair, clean fades and very well-groomed facial hair. Dubbed Instagram’s cool-guy, you won’t regret his alternative and gender-fluid dominating your feed.

@juliuscaesar Follower Count: 115k





In addition don’t forget to head to @croznestuk which curates inspirational content to bridge the fine gap between hair and fashion. We also provide creative direction for you and your brand. 

Words by Rhiannon Hudson