Get Twisted

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Do the twist!

The twisted Updo

Up-do’s can be so easily overlooked, but don’t get it twisted they’re as stylish and sophisticated as they come! We’ve slicked together some cool products and tips on how to twist up and get down with the trend.

Spotted from the runways to the highstreets, from off white to Burberry, this do can be styled using a tangle teezer, to remove all of those knots and annoying fly away’s to keep your hair looking sleek and sharp at the front – and boogie at the back.

Fashion Stylist @Duffy_Duffy also recreated the twisted updo for the Alexandra wang collection 20 show, using the Dyson super sonic hair dryer as a styling tool, just to blow this look away even more.


This look can be about height, or about width – its versatility means that the choice is yours. Just make sure you use the Easy-Up Do texture spray  to give your hair the body, and strength it needs to keep it upright and tight, ( Along with the fact it smells divine.)


“Then, the secret with this is about leaving the ends out. That becomes another texture in the style.” – Adir Abergel, celebrity hairstylist

Grab a handful of bobby pins and pop them on the end of your twist to keep it high and tight, or leave it laid back and loose as Adir Abergel suggests.


To give this look more of an effortless illusion, use some invisi bobbles rather than dreary black or brown hair ties. They also stop your hair from becoming tangled.




  • Finally, when creating your up-do, tip your head upside down when wrapping your ponytail to keep the hair bump free.
  • Flat iron that barnet before attempting this style if you want to give your hair that notorious bone straight edge.


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Words by Savanna Antonia

Banner Images by Artist Kagedfish
Instagram: @KagedFish