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Tailoring trends AW/12As per usual, the catwalks of Autumn/Winter ’21 have not let us down, with tailorwear being a stand-out trend on many of the runways. With sharp suits, shirts, skirts and everything in between getting a feature with a variety of designers and brands, we’re here to talk through the ways in which tailorwear have been showcased and how you could do it too.


Layered tailoring

As we all know, when the summer temperatures drop, the layers come out to play. If you like to keep it simple, follow in The Row’s footsteps and layer a button-up shirt over a turtleneck jumper or tee for a chic take on the trend. Alternatively, if you want to jump into layering headfirst, build up your look with different tailored items and accessories. With your shirt as the base layer, you could add a waistcoat or corset before you finish off the look with your jacket, or if you want a more eye- catching look, layer the corset over your jacket as Moschino did. Use ties and scarfs to add finishing touches your outfit and you’re good to go. Similarly, you could use base layers to add a splash of colour, pattern or texture if you aren’t feeling the ‘Plain Jane’ vibe that day.

Brights vs Neutrals

Brights Tailoring

The polar opposites of the colour wheel are truly being showcased this Autumn/Winter with brights and neutrals being displayed on the runway. Like Bora Aksu and Emilia Wickstead, you could use a monochromatic palette or even mix up the textures, silhouettes and shapes like Fendi did for a little something extra. If you aren’t feeling a full coloured suit, you could wear a clashing shirt or just leave all of the colour to the outer pieces. Finally, if you can’t decide which side of the scale you’d like to go, just wear both like Victoria Beckham and Emilia Wickstead have!

Neutral Tailoring

Heavy Logos & Patterns

Although this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, if you want to mix up the usual workwear style, using pattern and logos is a sure-fire way to do so. You could use traditional patterns associated with tailorwear like houndstooth and gingham, similarly to Giorgio Armani, or if you’re feeling a change, using a logo or emblem as a base for your pattern would certainly allow you to stand out from the crowd. Do you like a pattern clash like the rest of us? Take inspiration from Victoria Beckham and mix up the colour palettes of a pattern, wear them both together and add even more pattern underneath the suit for good measure!

Print Tailoring

We’re not usually ones to wish away ice-cream and beer garden weather, but bring on the suits!

Written by Lauren Firth