The CrozNest mantra has always been to Inspire, Educate and Motivate, and it is well recognised that the hair industry is constantly evolving. It is therefore vital that stylists educate and re-educate themselves – particularly if they want to expand their experience from the Salon to becoming Session Stylists. So, when we saw the content in Karolinna Saunders’ latest training courses we knew we had to share this exciting opportunity with the industry.

Karoliina Saunders

Karoliina Saunders has made her own name with a self-titled salon and a career that encompasses stage, photographic, editorial, and session work. Throughout her career, she has worked for some of the biggest names in the game. She has completely earned her position as a legend in the Session Styling world. By creating KSHD education, Karoliina offers a platform where she can bring her wealth of knowledge directly to stylists.

Fortunate enough to indulge her first love of fashion through a jam-packed line-up of the stage, photographic, editorial, and session work. These assignments have taken her all over the world, as well as working backstage at all the major Fashion Weeks. Karoliina is a style influencer, so has carved out a reputation for more gritty and edgy looks than the mainstream.

Salon To Session

If you are wondering how to get work in fashion and the editorial side of hairdressing. Salon to Session is the ultimate guide to working in the session world. It covers all the key fundamentals needed for backstage styling and editorial work. Including guidance on building your portfolio, and finding your own aesthetic. Teaching you the skills & knowledge you need to deliver the goods and hold your own when it comes to working for the best. This course will give you the foundation to survive backstage in fashion week.

The KSHD courses are the perfect proposition for hairdressers to transgress from salon to session (or to enjoy both). Karoliina’s tailor-made course is designed for anyone looking for an entry into the session world. This can range from working backstage to fine-tuning your styling skills. Karoliina offers her experience and mentoring to guide you. This will ensure you have all the key ingredients to step into the world of fashion and editorial work.

Over a course of both practical and q&a sessions in 4 modules over a period of 4 months – Karoliina will take you on a journey to dig deep into the creative process. Along the way, she will invite the occasional guest artist.

If you are interested in registering for the Salon to Session course contact Karoliina. Head to the links below and begin your journey to session success!

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