Emotional Marketing – what is it?

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So, you want to know a marketing secret? A tip that has been proven to be successful? Let’s introduce you to emotional marketing.


Firstly, What is it? 🤔

It’s a strategy that uses messaging in a way that targets human emotion to entice customers. Emotions are powerful and can influence decisions!


It allows for a deeper connection between you and your clients, and can allow your salon to be more memorable against competitors.



Ok, and what does this mean in salon marketing? 😬

In salon marketing, the types of emotions you’d want to show through you messaging are emotions such as:


Happiness / Confidence / Refreshed / Renewed / Powerful


Meaning, your client feels these emotions and connects them back to your brand.


And how to achieve this?

Some ideas would be, for example:


➡️ Positive, complimentary language in posts


➡️ Capturing your clients smiling when taking transformation picture


➡️ Educational posting that informs your clients of how to keep up their salon fresh hair, making that post-salon confident feeling last for them.


Emotional marketing is all about suggesting that selling the feeling attached to your service or product is more important than selling the direct service or product. Using language that enhances this can be more successful than language that is just getting the client to part with their money!


Now, we know that’s a lot to take in, and another thing to think about when it comes to thinking of what to post. Our curated content packs have digital assets and captions that cover this for you! Follow this link for our new pack which we created with this in mind.


And if you have any questions on this topic we’d love to help! Drop us a DM on our socials or get in touch to let us help you unlock your digital potential!