Comb or Fashion Staple? – Enter Dappe!

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Dappe Combs

CrozNest discover the latest sustainable fashion staple accessory for men – Dappe Comb by Japanese hairdresser Gow Tanaka. Enter Dappe!

Is it a comb or is a fashion staple?

Let us take you through our time machine. Its important we discuss the history of hair combs and its importance in fashion. Hair combs have been around for decades! Before any grooming can begin and questions can be answered.

Did you know that during its earliest days in China hair combs were worn as hair accessories that reflected your status in society?  Japanese hairstylist; Gow Tanaka saw the importance of the hair comb as a styling tool and was inspired by the tradition of carrying a comb in the back pocket, which was a popular trend amongst men back in the 90’s. Fast forwarding to the twenty-first century the style has vanished into thin air although it has slowly started to become relevant again due to the rise in male fashion influencers.

Light bulb moment

A bell rang and Gow saw the perfect opportunity to create the fashion accessory that any man should have in their pocket. There’s no doubt in saying that he wanted it to be a classic, yet sustainable and luxurious hair comb for gentlemen re-created by the traditional Japanese design. And that’s how Dappe came to life. Asking Gow what his main inspiration for the creation was, he said; “When I was working with men’s fashion stylist Mark Anthony, he always cared about details such as the pocket square.  After I saw his style, I thought why that couldn’t be a hair comb instead of a cloth?” That gave him the idea of a pocket squared hair comb with harder edges giving it a more futuristic look.


Dappe Comb

Gow is full of impressive ideas!

Going the extra mile by making the Dappe comb hand crafted from recycled paper. The comb is both highly durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. “I researched materials apart from plastic, when I found the recycled paper composite, I understood that it would be perfect for my combs. It has great texture and colour, and it’s also a light, but strong material. I believe being eco-friendly is a must for new brands in today’s society” Gow says. “Originally I was trying to create the hair comb of titanium, something that I am still working on, but I encountered too many challenges when it comes to high costs, manufacturing technique problems and no manufacturers wanted to take on my project”.

Now for the fun part… Dappe comes in several different types of awesome designs and styles.  You can choose from to find your perfect fit. There will be five different colours and two different shapes available and each of the combs come enclosed in a slim leather case that protects the teeth, as well as allowing the comb to be positioned and displayed in the front pocket of any suit. Now that’s a treat! Dappe Comb ‘Model A’ is a curl picker for textured curly hair, while Dappe Comb ‘Model B’ is a dual-sided short toothed comb which is perfect for precision grooming and shorter hair styles. In other words, there is a Dappe model for any gentlemen.

Covid Casulty

Sadly Dappe is yet to hit the market.  it was supposed to be launched around March this year. “I had to postpone because of Covid-19. That uncertainty was way too hard to deal with for a first-time entrepreneur.  Luckily, I have all the equipment that I need. I’ve been making hair combs at home, so after all I’ve got more time to make more samples. I was even able to design packaging during lockdown!”  Out of curiosity, I asked Gow about his overall goal with Dappe and he told me that he hopes his hair combs will be accepted by the men’s fashion world as an alternative to pocket square and recognized as a “men’s classic must-have fashion item”.

The world will benefit from a product like Dappe.  We know consumers are beginning to put more focus in choosing brands and services that focus on sustainability and quality. Make sure to keep an eye on this fantastic product; we reckon it’ll be a big fashion trend for men!


Written by Marthe Jenset