Colour trend – Blorange

You might have noticed the Instagram gods dazzling your feed with what we’d like to call ‘The New Black’ – Blorange! The winter season has been a time of warmth and cosiness; seducing our looks with shades of ‘rose gold’ and ‘Smokey blue’, lightening up the frosty mornings on a weekday. But fear no more. As the sun starts to shimmer and the winds begin to lessen, we think it’s the right time to bring to you the trend that’s ready to blow your luscious tresses away!


What Makes Blorange Popular/Unique?

It’s what every celebrity is rocking with. Imagine a red carpet event, filled with the warm breeze of a Friday night, with the press flashing at your clients direction; crumbling with fondness for the Blorange look you groomed. It’s really no surprise that Georgia Jagger is sending hair gods into frenzies! The combination of Blonde Orange seems like the juice we’ve all been thirsting for.

Zara Larsson has been seen to be another addict of the trend, as we’ve grasped through Clean Bandits’ fantastic exotic and vintage music video Symphony. Jason Crozier glossed her hair to a bl’orange maximum using paintbox colours from Fudge.  At first glance, her heavily glossy dyes add depths and height to the colours within her undertone, highlighting the golds in her look. It also provides that sexy feathered lining with delicate complexity, making ‘Blorange’ look accessible to all fashioning that fairy-tale narrative through the summer breeze.



How To Achieve This Look?

Gripping your claws into this look requires persistence, a great eye for detail, and well … some bleach powder (depending on the tone of your clients hair).  This is important, as you’d have to judge between the colour ranges in order to produce the most glamorous tones you can. This would create that fruity and vibrant flavour you’ve been craving for. If the hair becomes blonde enough, you’d then be able to start adding the pastels, creating the Blorange Look.

Although, we aren’t finished there, this may be where your client runs around your studio screaming as they simultaneously gush over their reflection in the mirror, trying to discover their next instagram post (Make sure they tag you in there posts though!). As miraculous and fashionable the ‘Blorange’ look may be it still comes with its unfair share of maintenance. In order to preserve the quality of the tones created, ensure that your client invests in some ‘Phytobaume

Colour Protecting Conditioner’

Maybe then we can allow them to run around reckless.

words by Kevin Boateng