Buzz Off and change your life

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The Inspiration

Buzz off and change your life. People tend to mix up or change their hair in response to big life events, the most
common being the “Break-up” hair. But, have you ever heard of a haircut being the
thing that redefines a person’s life?
This is Ruth Bell, she shaved her head, and her life changed forever.


Image: Ruth Bell


A New Direction


However, In 2015, after modeling for a few year with her identical twin sister, Ruth Bell 

got her big break. She was approached to appear in the campaign, with the stipulation 

that she buzzed off her hair. She said yes almost immediately. That campaign was for 

Alexander McQueen, and hair stylist Paul Hanlon, was given the task of seeing the 

shaved head happened. Bell, (whose hair at this point was almost down to her hips) 

had her hair pulled back into a ponytail with the hope of chopping it all off in one go, 

however due to her hair being so thick, it was impossible and ended up taking a long 

time. When it was eventually no longer attached to her head, it was donated to be 

made into wigs for pediatric chemotherapy patients. The campaign turned heads and

Ruth Bell sky rocketed from that moment, being picked up for numerous shows in the 

upcoming fashion week. Bell was actually approached while working at the Acne show 

by other shaved head models who told her she was the reason they had their heads 



Image: Ruth Bell for Alexander Mcqueen


Bell continues to model professionally until this day and has recently being announced 

as the face for Dior and opened their S/S 19 catwalk show, with her still partially 

shaved head. 

So, although she wasn’t the first to do it, you could definitely say she helped open the 

door for female models with buzzed heads on the catwalk; 





Dree Hemingway

Model Dree Hemingway, walked for Coach S/S ’19, rocking her newly shaved head. 

When asked by US Vogue, why she made the choice to shave her head Hemingway 

stated; “My hair was my security blanket, but it was also my girliest aspect. it took my 

tomboyishness and made it feminine, I cut off a lot of insecurity in a way. I don’t 

compare myself to other girls anymore, which is something I used to do a lot. And it’s 

made me really aware of how I treat my body, because I can’t hide behind my hair. I 

just take care of myself more. Buzz cut Dree is really happy.” 


Marc Jacobs

The Marc Jacobs S/S 19 show featured an array of ‘Candy Land Hair’ in hues of pink 

and blue. Guido Palau and Josh Wood of Redken, combined forces to give the models 

the pastel hair makeover they needed. They were tasked with not only bleaching and 

colouring the hair before styling but making sure each model was unique. This was 

made easier by the fact that there were numerous models who had buzzed hair or 

were willing to shave it off. This was the first show in which a female model shaving her 

head was encouraged or suggested and reminded me of the path that Ruth Bell took. 



One of the pre-shaved models was the beautiful, Amira Pinherio, who has had very 

short or buzzed hair for the duration of her modelling career. Early this year, Pinherio 

was listed as one of the ‘Top 10 New Faces Redefining the Fashion Industry’s Beauty 


Personally, I believe it’s refreshing to see the mold of the female model being changed 

in parallel with the political and social changes occurring within feminism, as well as 

the freedom of self-expression which is supported and encouraged on the current 

catwalks. Seeing a model with a shaved head, will go from a trend to a considered 

norm within the near future, and leave the door open for the next vision changing trend. 


Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of the post. This is where I would normally help you out 

with some styling tips, but in this case unless you want to brave the shave, I can’t really 

help you. 

However, after looking at these gorgeous women with their buzzed hair, I will say I am 

tempted to do it myself, so if I do, I’ll come back to you! 


Words By Billie Eva