Anti Collective The Hairstyling Community

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Cue the hairstyling community you didn’t know you needed. Until now!


Anti Collective

Have you ever felt like a misfit within the traditional hairstyling scene? Wished for a unique community that uplifts and inspires a new era of creatives? Or do you dare to rebel against the status quo currently dictating our industry? This is what cements the DNA of Anti-Collective. Anti leads the way forward to challenge defining concepts of beauty and level the playing field. The brainchild of experts Francesco Ruggerino and Nick Irwin, ANTI collective focuses on identity, connection and collaboration.


Anti Products


Brand Value

Anti began as an innovative hair line, hosting a range of gender neutral products. Defined by its quality rather than its reach. Anti possess power into the hands of the hairdresser. Think no-nonsense ingredients with maximum performance. We especially adore the ‘Everything’ range, named specifically to extend core values of inclusivity. Founder Francesco passionately summarises, “ANTI is a brand that brings people together, initiating positive change in the industry and in the world. ANTI is a haircare solution that is relevant to today’s consumer market, consumer needs and truly supports hairdressers.”


It hasn’t stopped there. The brand’s desire to build a community has led them to open their first UK premises. The epitome of London chic… The space is located at the heart of Brixton Village and sat within a former railway arch. “We want to be part of the community,” says Nick, who lives in the area. “Brixton and its people, values and beliefs fit with the ANTI brand and the collaborative approach we take.” Being much more than a salon, the space offers a distinctive opportunity for clients, freelancers, hairdressers, stylists and creatives to be included and thrive.


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A crucial highlight for the hub comes from how Anti are catering for content creators and freelance stylists. The premises holds a modern cove because of its lighting and facilities which are perfect for shooting, filming and social media production; equipment of which may not be easily accessible for those just starting out. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Nick, who has a vast array of experience within session styling and brings that same inspiring zest to everything he embarks upon.


The venture comes at a crucial time for the hairdressing industry, which will be rebuilding itself following the negative impacts of Covid. The world will crave new communities, and anti-collective will be first to welcome you into theirs. Traditionally a somewhat hidden industry, floor to ceiling windows will open up the closed doors of the wider fashion industry – something which the team hopes will attract local talent and build on the sense of community.