A Sustainable Waterless Haircare Revolution

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Equally as good for your hair and the environment.

Sustainable, eco-friendly, organic and biodegradable. Often these words are used a lot within the hair and beauty industry, however often without substance.  Cue a sustainable waterless haircare revolution. Designed to satisfy the eco-warrior within while leaving your barnet beautiful and nourished. Sounds like a winning recipe to us.

Around the world, 1.1bn people lack access to clean water. A number which is thought to increase to 1.8bn by 2025. Coupled with the knowledge that western consumers use around 140 litres of water per day, you may begin to consider ways to reduce your own intake. Luckily, it’s fast becoming fashionable to get eco-savvy and look for sustainable alternatives.

“L’Oreal has committed to reducing its water usage by 60% by the end of 2020”

All the eco magic happens in Waterless products because they use reduced formulas made from nourishing botanical oils. This takes away the need for damaging preservatives and fillers. Ethique founder Brianne West claims many popular hair products consist of up to 95% water, often labelled as ‘aqua’. Additionally, these require the use of plastics in packaging due to the presence of bacteria. As Ethique’s shampoo bars are water-free, Brianne can make sustainable changes at all points of her production cycle and only uses 100% biodegradable packaging.

Business Incentives

A sustainable waterless haircare revolution is not just for consumers. Salon owners adopting these products will practically save space, limit excess waste and reduce the amount of product used per person. Tina Hedges, the founder of Loli, explains that this is because products are not so heavily dilute. Not only this but you will be offering a unique selling point that the new generation is increasingly seeking. Andrew McDougall from Mintel identified waterless beauty as a key emerging trend for 2020. Moreover, 59% of modern consumers considering sustainable practices.


Facts and statistics aside, going eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to lack your usual quality. Waterless formulas are often kinder to the hair and scalp because harmful ingredients removed and lather technology providing velvety results. Check out our suggested products below to start your own #WaterlessRevolution.


Founder Brianne West began Ethique in an effort to rid the world of wasteful plastic bottles normally used in hair care packaging. Each of their delicious bars is made from 100% natural ingredients that leave your hair and skin glowing, *almost* good enough to eat! They also hold the equivalent of 3 bottles of liquid shampoo, so you can wash your hair knowing that you’re a part of something bigger.

Available at ethique.com. Prices from £14

OWA: Moondust Collection

Next, OWA has developed a powder alternative to hair cleaning which gives a rich as well as velvety lather. The product format is eco-friendly with good for your hair ingredients, free of nasties. One bottle of Moondust is equivalent to four bottles of traditional shampoo. All considering, it’s certainly out of this world.

Available for £29 at owahaircare.com

Awake Organics

Taking a personal approach to clean beauty, founder Melissa Kimbell and her family operate Awake Organics from the UK. Primarily they dedicate their brand to making effective, natural skincare and deodorant that helps you enjoy luxury without compromising on sustainability. Their passion for the environment is clearly evident and highly commendable. We particularly love their Vegan range of skincare and perfume.


Available at awakeorganics.co.uk, haircare prices from £14

Words by Rhiannon Hudson