90’s Colour Trend “The money piece”

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Money Talks

Bored of playing it safe? This universal colour trend may be your new obsession.  The perfect distraction to a global pandemic! Forget the soft balayage and subtle highlights that dominated 2019, 2020 is all about making a statement with the 90’s colour trend “the money piece”, a la Gerri Halliwell. Dominating our red carpets and Instagram feeds alike, Dua Lipa becomes the main protagonist with this love to story.  There is no denying the drama and once we are back this will certainly be a frequent salon request.  Just ask expert Bryony Cairns, who in a recent interview with Refinery29 likened the style to 90’s female power dressing ‘because it’s a strong, dramatic look that draws inspiration from confident women’.

And the best part? It’s easy to achieve at home (with some light guidance), suits most beautiful barnets and is low maintenance while the hairdressers are a no go.

Dua lipa Hair colourRich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy


First made famous by the likes of British icon Geri Haliwell and American model Cindy Crawford, the money piece highlights and frames the face to naturally brighten the complexion and accentuate features. But the main strength for this trend lies within its versatility, as it is customisable to all hair colours, cuts and face shapes. Too good to be true? Check out our colour guide below. Plus, with its minimal upkeep, you can choose to boost the colour or, as championed by Joico artist Melissa Duguay, let it grow seamlessly into your hair as time passes.

Geri Halliwell September 1996. (Photo by Tim Roney/Getty Images)

Blondes and Lighter hair

The blonder the better. Ashey and platinum streaks will allow for optimal brightening of the completion and make the biggest impact, adding dimension.

Brunettes and Darker Hair

Opt for caramel hues and warm browns to avoid too much of a colour contrast or bleach damage while lifting. Alternatively, for those wanting nothing but 90’s vibes, look to Dua Lipa’s recent Grammy style, her blue eyeshadow an oh so fitting and wearable addition.


Calling all fierce redheads! Enhance your look with a champagne toned money piece and be ready to pop a bottle of bubbly and celebrate with your finished look.

So, how can you achieve this look at home, and what products should you use to avoid infamous bleach damage? Colourist @maggiemh suggests following your natural parting and using foil to ensure precise results. The thinner the sections of hair, the easier it will lift. Esalon.co.uk offers custom highlighter kits to ensure a fool proof, salon worthy result that makes this look even easier to achieve.

Coloured streaks – get creative!

Now is the perfect time to experiment with colour. Lighten the desired sections and experiment with non-permanent colour dyes to add playful elements into your usual hair routine. @bleachlondon offers a range of semi-permanent cream dyes, from soft pastels to brilliantly bold primary colours, that transform hair in just 30 minutes. Find their selection of super cool colours on their website or in one of their buzzing London salons.

bleach colour trends

Pro Tips

  • You should be able to see through the sections you intend to dye for maximum lift
  • Take it slower if you have darker hair, it may require a few lifts before you reach your desired colour. This ensures the hair remains as healthy as possible.

What do you think of the 90’s colour trend “The money piece”? Happy highlighting!

Words by Rhiannon Hudson