80’s fashion is making a comeback in 2021!

At CrozNest we are always detecting the latest fashion trends and predictions from the moment they drop. It can’t go unnoticed that 80’s inspired silhouettes and colours are a common theme across the 2021 collections.

Last week I started watching Netflix’s hit show ‘Firefly Lane’. If you’ve also binge-watched the show, you’ll know the clips go back and forth throughout the 20th late century decades, especially focusing on life in the 80’s. Whilst watching the series, (as always) my subconscious fashion brain was ticking over. I started analysing the outfits donned by the characters and realised the 80s style has been hitting back on recent catwalk shows. From that eye-rolling moment when parents say “WOW, I used to wear those as a kid” to hearing Anna Wintour speak on the topic of the fashion circle in almost all of her interviews, you begin to notice how old designs are constantly being reinvited and injected back into today’s contemporary trends.

Double Denim

Love it or hate it, its back baby. An effortless combo, it’s the year to dig out your old denim jacket! When SS/21 fashion weeks began in the fall of 2020, Balmain showcased the ultimate 1980s inspired catwalk. Olivier Rouseting emulated power dressing and the bright colours of the 80s, but the double denim was noteworthy to the show. The 200-piece collection carried an array of stunning colours. Including the blue hues were show-stopping, with double denim a prominent feature across Rousting’s collection. Flares and knee-length shorts wear the most eye-catching denim garments.

Sarah Burton for Alexandra McQueen also embraced double denim arrangements in the SS/21 collection and highlighted the power dressing silhouette with oversized shoulders and jumpsuits paired with boss lady stilettos. But the denim overload isn’t just a spring trend… Expect it to stay all year round, as recent 2021 fall ready-to-wear collections also showcased the style from Open Ceremony to Veronica Beard.

Colours of the 80s

Pink, blue, yellow, green. We’ve already established blue shades are coming back through the double denim phenomena. But the other three most popular colours from the 80s are trendy again too. Pierpaolo Piccioli designed and stunningly colourful collection for the Valentino Spring 2021 show. Hot and pastel pink, vivid yellow and neon green domineered the 73-piece collection.

In our blog post that covered runway trends spotted at menswear 2021 fashion weeks, we discussed yellow being the colour of the season. Balenciaga showcased mentionable Hermes used a bright yellow trainer as the pop of colour in a number of their looks.


The silhouette of the decade. As more women began to enter into the male-dominated corporate world in the 80s, a new style of the desired feminine silhouette was employed. The influx of powerful women began to lead them to adopt elements of the male business suit. This represents their status. The triangular silhouette, notorious in the 1980s has since been tweaked and twisting by modern fashion houses. Oversized sleeves, wide shoulder, a cinched waist and jumpsuits were key elements of the power dressing era. Countless designers for 2021 collections have reinvented the style.

As mentioned, the collections of Alexander McQueen and Balmain were the epitome of power dressing. They emphasised balloon sleeves, a tiny waist, shoulder pads and blazers. Taking it one step further was Daniel Roseberry for Schiaparelli. Remember that Schiaparelli green six-pack bodice Kim Kardashian rocked in December 2020? We’ve watched a number of brands like Gucci embrace androgynous fashion with men in skirts and dresses. Daniel Roseberry got creative and completely spun the initial idea emphasising perfectly toned muscles, a symbol of masculinity and putting it on a mini skirt. Genus. 

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