Vin + Omi Step by Step


London Fashion Week seems like a lifetime ago yet the resonance of the mad week is still buzzing through our system. There were several shows that got our hearts banging against our chests – one of which was Vin + Omi’s ‘Submerge’ capsule collection with Michelle Violy Harper. Known for their London greatness and Harper’s snow white skin and abyss black hair, the mix was like the missing puzzle piece we waited for. An inspirational show that resembled the oceans beauty and mystery, but something we couldn’t take our eyes off was the hair, of course.

During the show we caught up with Jake Gallagher – a sublime individual with a nack for turning hair into fierce barnets. Gallagher from ColorProof headed the way as lead hair maestro for the show – giving us the inside scoop on the Harper + ocean inspired barnets.

The perfectly practical and face lifting do was, the top knot. This top knot wasn’t like any others though as every single twisted knot was adjusted to the models face shape and styling. This barnet can be so simple yet, with some slight adjustments it can look poles apart from a robotic look.


Photo 20-02-2017, 15 49 53.jpg  Photo 20-02-2017, 17 48 34.jpg  Photo 20-02-2017, 17 50 17.jpg  Photo 20-02-2017, 15 49 43.jpg

This is the pros guide to the perfect top knot led by Jake Gallagher:

  • Step One: Remove stubborn knots and comb a generous amount of ‘PureRelease Instant Detangle’ through tresses – let the shiny silk flow.
  • Step Two: Blast tresses with a quick blow dry using a brush to ensure all unwanted partings are removed – no partings no problems.
  • Step Three: Using a pintail comb, section off the hair by parting from the top of the ear to the crown on each side – sharp lines make perfect knots.
  • Step Four: With ‘ControlCraze Styling Crème’ and your comb, form the first ponytail high on the head and secure with a hair tie – same colour tie won’t hurt the eye.
  • Step Five: Smooth down any fly away strands with ‘UltraMarathon Strong Hold Hairspray’ – sleek it out and practise ‘smizing’.
  • Step Six: Gather the back section of loose hair and comb through with ‘ControlCraze Styling Crème’. Join this bunch to the high ponytail and secure with another hair tie.
  • Step Seven: Sprits hair with a little ‘UltraMarathon Strong Hold Colour Protect Hairspray’ to smooth down hair, taking extra care with loose strands – keep it neat and sweet.
  • Step Eight: Remove any unwanted tangles or knots using ‘RuleBreaker Firm Flexible Wax’. Twist the hair and form a smooth knot, securing with hairpins – keep them invisible.
  • Step Nine: Complete the look by applying a small amount of ‘Power Sculpt Hard Hold Gel’ to smooth the hair and give it extra ZAZZ and sheen.

Like a cats Nine lives, these steps are the key to a perfect mane and top knot. Not only did this look exquisite on dark haired models but the gel added at the end makes even lighter shades just as glossy. This barnet is perfect all year round what – ever the weather, so keep this guide close.

We’re just a bunch of barnet chatter boxes and live for fashion and hair. Keep an eye on our active feed for Pro Step by Step guides from behind the scenes at LFW and LCM.


Words by Yasmin Graham