Rockstar: Kenna

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For this week on Rockstar Hairdresser we are obsessed with Kenna, a kickass London and NY based hairstylist who is repp’d in New York at Art Department and works as global ambassadors for GHD And EVO hair. Kenna is as passionate as he is talented and completely devoted to the clients of his studio Kennaland in London and Brooklyn. In such demand across the hair and fashion industry Kenna is known for nurturing new hairdressing talents. Whether he is guiding them through his shows at the various fashion weeks or developing them into being killer assistants on his campaign shoots.

Kenna says he finds inspiration in the people he meets and works with and thinks the loyal crowds seen at Kennaland play a huge part in the development of his ideas.

Kenna is definitely high on our list of inspirational talent we love to talk about.  

Rockstar hairdresser kenna

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 18.43.40 Kennaland