Pro Tips for Maintaining Summer Locks

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That stint of glorious weather has made our skin glow, the smiles big and our hair lightly sunkissed. Sunkissed shining locks are essential to any summer outfit; however maintaining healthy hair in summer can be slightly difficult. Fear not barnet watchers, we have the necessary tips to revive, maintain and boost hair into full-blown gorgeousness.


Step 1: Pre sunny spells

Hair needs to be protected just as much as your skin believe it or not. So spritz ends with a protective mist or massage lengths with UVA blocking oil. To keep things quick, simple and smelling divine try Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Veil.    

Pro Tips for Maintaining Summer Locks


Step 2: During sunbathing, pool hopping or sea bathing

So whilst you’re soaking up the sun and feeling the vibe don’t be afraid to just let it all hang out. We’re talking about the hair, obviously. Keep it loose and natural with some untamed braids, a lazy Sunday bun or side pony.


Step 3: When the sun goes down

After the glorious day you’ve just had wrap it up with a hydrating hair mask. Don’t panic it won’t leave your hair heavy – but glistening like the moonlight and fully protected. Tried and tested: Kérastase Soleil Masque UV Défense Active Anti-Damage Concentrate – is fabulous. Depending on hair type and length, less is more when it comes to this splendid product.

 Pro Tips for Maintaining Summer Locks

Step 4: Bad hair day? Never!

Easiest pro tip for bouncing barnets in summer? Drink lots of water, do a deep conditioning treatment once a week and give it some love everyday with a quick spritz of argan oil or better – coconut oil. Extra virgin coconut oil lightly brushed through the ends will keep them in tiptop shape. As for a deep conditioning treatment, John Frieda’s Full Repair Deep Conditioner works wonders if you’re using once a week!

Pro Tips for Maintaining Summer Locks

That’s it summer babes, 4 pro tips to maintain a beautiful barnet in the summer heat. Although the cooler temps are starting the creep in, we’re sure the belting sun will be back before the summer months out. Protect, Loosen, Mask and Moisturize.