Frizz Test: Ultimate Blends - The Sleek Perfector Oil

Frizz Test: Ultimate Blends Oil

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Garnier is a world leading brand when it comes to hair and skin care products and since here at CrozNest we like to put products to the test we decided to handpick one of their star products for two reasons:

1. It’s accessible for everyone – not just the pros.

2. One of its components is coconut oil, enough said.

We chose Ganier’s Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Perfector Oil; now, we know when it comes to hair oils things can turn into a battlefield, one extra drop and your hair is a an oily mess but this one is known to do the opposite. As part of CrozNest I wanted to really try this Garnier oil for a while before making any assumptions and I can honestly say I am a fan. It has helped my hair to finally grow at and it smells like a tropical beach – ergo, heaven.

Frizz Test: Ultimate Blends - The Sleek Perfector Oil
I generally used it after washing my hair, I’d suggest the hair to be damp NOT wet and also before and after styling. Just make sure to keep your amounts reasonable and not over do it, as it might backfire. I took it for a spin in super humid weather and summery dry temperatures and it never failed me, my frizz was tamed and texture sleek; so I say it gets the job done and it is not that pricey compared to other brands, you can actually find it in your nearest drugstore.

Final ruling: it’s pretty good for a drugstore product.