Kings of Clerkwell
41 Clerkenwell Road EC1M 5RS

The Nest is an integral part of CrozNest, offering an alternative to the normal hairdressing experience.  Along with delivering our salon partners’ content and an education on cool trends within the industry, we arrange for resident artists to provide in-salon rockstar services.

With over ten years working in the fashion industry,  The Nest is where you can find the head of our team Jason Crozier in between fashion shoots and showsJason has set up a residency within one of East London’s premium salons Kings of Clerkenwell. This is where he can offer a bespoke service for valued clients with the freedom and flexibility needed to maintain a career in fashion and beauty industries as he recognises and welcomes clientele that wants and deserves a certain level of provenance from their grooming and glam appointments.

Kings of Clerkenwell is a somewhere to come home to. A cosy and yet elegant salon where you can relax in the knowledge that you will emerge with exactly what you envisaged and much more. It is a hair salon which delivers a space and environment where you will never feel out of touch and un-appreciated.

Founded by husband and wife Rachel and Jason King, who have been hairdressing in EC1 for 20 years. Together, they created a unique space that combines classic elegance with contemporary design.

“We all agree beautiful hair matters”.

Jason is a CrozNest Resident Artist at Kings of Clerkenwell.

To book an appointment or request a complimenatry consultation contact:

*Due to the nature of working in the fashion industry and its last minute schedules. You may be asked for some flexibility regarding confirmed bookings.  We will always endeavour to ensure your appointment is rescheduled for the nearest convenient slot.